Skip Repairs Droitwich, Worcester

The best skip repairs Droitwich, Worcester

We offer a mobile service

By their very nature, skips take a battering, so if you need skip repairs Droitwich, Worcester, contact us at Grantham Welding to get an expert repair job done quickly, and that will last.

We have the materials, expertise, and equipment to repair all kinds of skips and get them back working again.

No matter what kind or size of skip you need to repair you can be sure that we will deliver the best skip repairs Droitwich, Worcester, at very competitive prices.


We offer a mobile service to repair your skip on site. This will depend on the extent and type of damage that your skip has suffered, but for minor damage, our mobile team will be able to take care of the problem right at the workplace.

For more extensive damage we may need to transport the skip to our plant where we can undertake major repairs. We can cut and form pieces of British Steel to exactly replace damaged parts and then weld them securely into place to create a skip that can take the same forces and weight as pre-repair.

At Grantham Welding, we can repair any kind of skip, including mud skips and we offer a complete guarantee for the work and the materials we supply. We also build from scratch skips to your design or our expert team can draw up plans for the perfect skip to meet your needs. Additionally, we offer skip overhauls where small repairs can be taken care of quickly before they turn into big expensive ones.

So, for all of your maintenance and skip repairs Droitwich, Worcester, give us a call at Grantham Welding, for a free, no-obligation quote and trust the experts with nearly 30-years of experience in the metal construction industry to complete a first-class job to keep your skip working as it should.


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Why choose Us?

Why choose Us.

Grantham Welding Ltd. is one of the Midlands leading fabricators of Government legislation approved smoking shelters.

Our Mission

Our Mission.

Established for over a quarter of a century we have been providing bespoke solutions for our nationwide customer base. Offering some of the cheapest prices on the net and with experience in providing fabrications for factories, offices and public houses, Grantham Welding UK has the right solution for your business needs. Grantham Welding offers a 10-year guarantee on ALL it's smoking shelters to give you peace of mind.

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What we Do.

Alongside our comprehensive range of smoking shelters we also manufacture to order the following products:

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