Custom Made Security Fencing Worcester

Grantham Welding can solve all of your custom-made security fencing

Custom Security Fencing

We can construct custom security fencing to protect your property be it large or small. Our security fencing prevents the entry of unwanted intruders and can actually discourage would-be invaders from even trying to get in.

The presence of custom-made security fencing Worcester reduces crime and keeps your installations safe from attacks and intruders. We offer security fencing for both commercial and residential premises and our expert team will be happy to help you to choose the best type of custom-made security fencing Worcester to suit your needs.

Our commercial security fencing will protect your installations from intruders, vandals, and criminals. Combine our made-to-measure fencing with matching security gates to define and protect your boundary and to control the access of persons.

Whether you need to protect sensitive data on your site or are guarding a commemorative statue in town, we can custom-build your security fencing to meet your specific needs. For your home security, we offer different fencing options to meet your needs, taste, and budget.


Perimeter fencing, GPR Fencing, and Frangible fencing

For venues requiring moderate security, we offer vertical bar security fencing, metal railings, welded security mesh panels, as well as sports and playground fencing, gates, and enclosures.

We also offer Perimeter fencing, GPR Fencing, and Frangible fencing, and we can produce a variety of fence spikes and toppings. If you need security fencing quickly, we have a number of in-stock solutions and also offer a rapid response service. For high-security fencing, we can install perimeter intruder detection systems, crash-related barriers, and offer the ultimate in technology to protect delicate data.


Give us a call to discuss your custom-made security fencing Worcester project and be sure that we will provide you with an expertly crafted fencing made of British Steel that will meet your needs at a fair price.


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About Grantham Welding

Engineering Excellence
Why choose Us?

Why choose Us.

Grantham Welding Ltd. is one of the Midlands leading fabricators of Government legislation approved smoking shelters.

Our Mission

Our Mission.

Established for over a quarter of a century we have been providing bespoke solutions for our nationwide customer base. Offering some of the cheapest prices on the net and with experience in providing fabrications for factories, offices and public houses, Grantham Welding UK has the right solution for your business needs. Grantham Welding offers a 10-year guarantee on ALL it's smoking shelters to give you peace of mind.

What we Do

What we Do.

Alongside our comprehensive range of smoking shelters we also manufacture to order the following products:

General purpose Industrial Barriers
Bespoke Workstations
Palisade Fencing and Gates
Platforms and Gantries
Security Window Bars
Bracketing and Industrial Shelving
Plus many other bespoke items
made to customers request