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If you need alloy wheel repairs in Droitwich, Grantham Welding can undertake them quickly and efficiently. If your alloy wheel have splits or cracks, are bent out of shape, or have a piece of the rim missing, welding them is your best repair option. As alloy wheel are constantly under great stress and strain, for safety reasons, the reparation must be performed with the utmost care, so as not to soften the alloy itself and to create a strong and durable repair.

At Grantham Welding, our expert team will evaluate each wheel to decide if repairing it is a viable and safe option. You may be surprised to find, that even a badly damaged wheel can be repaired by our expert welders. Before commencing any alloy wheel repairs Droitwich, we will examine the wheel thoroughly, and you can have complete confidence that after repairing, it will be completely safe to return to everyday use.

Depending upon the extent and type of damage, the affected area may be cut out and replaced with a new piece which will be expertly welded both inside and out, to maximise the strength, without overheating the alloy and debilitating it.


After welding, the repair will be flush with the wheel surface leaving the welded area smooth, and totally undetectable. If required, we will perform a last hand sanding to achieve a completely seamless and flawless join between the original wheel and the welded repair. It will most probably be necessary to repaint the wheel afterwards as the heat from the welding can affect the paint finish.

Contact us on 01905 773335 or by email to arrange a free, no obligation evaluation of your alloy wheel repairs Droitwich, and save yourself unnecessary expense in replacing alloy wheel that can be repaired by the experts at Grantham Welding.


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Why choose Us.

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Our Mission.

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